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5 Benefits of Learning Gamelan, a Magical Traditional Music Instrument

5 Benefits of Learning Gamelan Music instrument from Indonesia. Have you ever heard beautiful and magical music instrument that you can’t find it on pop culture? If you haven’t listen to it, you should learn about it. One of that music types is Gamelan.

Gamelan came from Hindu-Buddhist culture. It means hit or beat in Java language. It is found on Java, Lombok and Bali. The people of those areas like to play it. Gamelan has deep philosophy of people such as harmony of life. It is played in cultural event for example the wedding, religion or empire ceremony.

You can learn Gamelan on the community of Gamelan lovers. It can give you some benefits of learning it.

Here are five benefits of learning Gamelan:

  1. Learn to work in a team

Gamelan is not type of music for solo performer. It is played with many instruments. It needs many players. The players must have a great team work to make a good harmony because a great team work is a success of Gamelan performance.

  1. Sharp the brain memory

There are two type of tone in Gamelan, named Slendro and Pelog. A player must know how to use those tones. A player can look the note but sometimes he must memorize the tone. When it comes to fast tempo, a player can’t see the note. Gamelan also practice gives concentration and give relaxation for the brain.

  1. Practice the patient

Several song of Gamelan has a low tempo. You need to be patient to practice it. There is instrument that only play once or twice in a song so the player must wait for the part of the instrument.

  1. Learn the culture and tradition

There are many traditions and culture related to Gamelan. You can learn Indonesian culture when you are performing. You will performance in cultural event such as wedding, government event, some competitions and others.

  1. Add more friends

You will get friends from all over the work. Many Gamelan learners come from foreign countries outside Indonesia. You can also get friends of local people. Some of the local people are the teachers and learners. You can communicate with many people in Gamelan event.

So what are you waiting for? Lets learn!


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