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5 Cheapest and Most Wanted Used Motorbike In Indonesia

Used Motorbike In Indonesia. New motorcycles from various brands continue to emerge in Indonesia. Each brings its own advantages. Some carry digital panels, ABS brakes, keyless, to a spacious luggage.

But there are similarities of all these new motorbikes, namely the average price of tens of millions of rupiah. Quite expensive, indeed. We do have a credit option, but still we have to pay in installments every month, right?

Well, for you who need a motorcycle but the budget is limited, why not turn to a used motorcycle? Sure, you won’t get the latest features like in a new motorbike, but as long as the engine is healthy, it feels okay.

So, Here are the following used motorcycles that you can bring home at a price only from Rp. 5 million Rupiah. Check them below~

1. Yahama Mio

Yamaha Mio is one of type metik motorcycle with a resale price thatis quite expensive. It is still priced at 15 million, the cheapest brand new could only fall around 10 million.

For Mio itself, what was favored was the output from 2013 to 2015. For 2013, used prices were around 6 million. Meanwhile, for 2015, no more than 9 million. And even then with absolute conditions: the engine must be still good. If the conditions are as alarming as the contents of your wallet, then maybe only 7 million is already good. There were some former Mio from 2010 circulating in the market that cost only 5 million Rupiah.

2. Honda Beat

The most wanted used type of Honda Beat was released in 2011 and above. Used selling prices are still good and not too dropping when compared to the new ones. For example, the 2011 Beat with the spoke wheel type, priced at 11.7 million. Meanwhile, 2011 Beat with the type of racing wheels (cast wheel) valued 12.5 million.

How about the price of a used motorcycle of Honda Beat? if the engine is still running, the used price still touches 10 million. But there are those who sell it at around Rp. 4.5 million.

3. Honda Vario

Honda Vario is also one of the most hunted used motorbike? More or less, the reason is the same as why the Honda Bea. The best-selling Vario itself was released in 2013 and above. The price of a used Vario is still above 10 million, it can even touch 12 million. Meanwhile, prices for the new 2014 Vario series are priced around 16 million.

Honda’s automatic motorbike production in 2012 carried a 110cc engine. Vario is known to be comfortable and quite durable in its spare parts. The price of this motorcycle in a used motorcycle showroom or on an online motorcycle buying and selling site, is still priced at a price range of Rp 4.5 – Rp 5 million.

4. Genus Supra X

Genus Honda Supra, with the Supra X and Supra X 125 families. This manual gear motor sales are not so high because most consumers set specific requirements, namely the matter of engine performance.

Manual gear is safer when used in areas with a lot of steep descent. The term, the gear is used to replace the brakes when on a derivative road. Automatic motorcycles can be dangerous if the brakes are forced to work too heavily in terrain that is also heavy. So, if the reader is mountainous, it is recommended to buy a motor with manual gear transmission. The price of the used Honda Supra itself is around 6 to 7 million.

5. Suzuki Hayate

Suzuki Hayate is also one of the cheapest used motorbike in the market. Because of its wide feature and modern looking that seems comfortable for a long road destinations. That is why most Suzuki’s automatic motorcycle is the target of used motorcycle hunters. Not only for its feature but with a price of less than Rp 5 million, you can get a 125cc automatic motorbike with two shockbreakers at the back, making it quite stable at high speeds. Besides that the trunk is also very wide, can fit one fullface helmet. How about it, are you interested?

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