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7 Interesting Facts of University Life You Should Know!

University life in various country are pretty much the same most of the time, but of course some of them have some interesting differences, including Indonesia. As the fourth most populated country in the world, Indonesia has many university students. Life as a university student in Indonesia has many interesting twists and turns. For you who wanted to study in Indonesia you should know some facts about university life in Indonesia before you begin your study in Indonesia. Many foreign students has little information about how is it living as a student in Indonesia, a fact that it can be quite different from their country, that is why here we will give you informations and facts as a university student in Indonesia.

Let’s get to know them!

1. Wearing Polite Clothes.

The first you should know about University students in Indonesia is that, they must wear polite and not revealing clothes when they’re studying in campus for Male and Female alike. Why is that? because Indonesia is a country that is very strict when it comes to manner you showed in public. The majority of its people are Muslim that is as a way to show respect and great manners, it’s become a must to wear polite clothes in campus. You don’t need to wear formal clothes, just non-formal clothes are fine as long as they look polite and not revealing. Male students often wear long jeans or pants matched with long hands T-Shirt or short hands shirt with jacket. For Female students they also like to wear long jeans and a T-Shirt but it it most common to wear a long skirt and never wear anything too short, for Muslim students they wears Hijab. Although the campus itself never actually made any official rule about the clothes their students should wear, but some lecturer made those rules to keep the students to dress politely as possible.

Keep in mind that Indonesia has a tropical weather, meaning everyday can be a hot sunny days. That is why most of the students will wear something like jacket or a hat to keep them from getting a sunburn.

2. Various Ethnic Students

Indonesia is a country that has the most variant ethnic group of people in the world, that’s is why is not surprising if in each university you can meet a lot of student from different ethnic group, there are no differences in their appearances but what makes them different are they speaking accent. Each ethnic in Indonesia has their own languages, they of course speak Bahasa Indonesia but sometimes you can hear their different accents. It can be quite interesting as through that you can learn different culture of Indonesia and makes friend with students from various province as Indonesia is also a country with the largest islands in the world, so all students from different island can study in same university as you~

3. Transportations Used by Students

There are some various transportation that used by university students in Indonesia. Since the age of adult in Indonesia is 18, so most of them are already categorized as an adult it is allowed to use motorcycle and car to go to campus. Something you should know is that most of Indonesian university student would go to campus by motorcycle as the road outside the campus are packed with lots of transportation and traffic jam, so motorcycle is the perfect choice if you don’t want to get stuck in a traffic jam. But of course, several students would also use a car as it is the most comfortable transportation.

Don’t have a personal transportation? Don’t worry if you don’t have any vehicle, Students in Indonesia would go on foot if they live near the university or sometime several campus provides them with a campus bicycle that they could use. If not then some of them will take a public transportation such as a Busway, Angkot, Online transportations like Taxi, Gojek, Grab and a lot more if they live far from the university.

4. Boarding House

Talking about live near and far from the University, lead to this next facts that is about boarding houses Indonesian university students uses. As Indonesian students come from the various areas in all the part of Indonesia, the majority of the students would rent rent a boarding house around the campus area because it cheaper instead of using the boarding houses provided by the university. So, unlike most Universities abroad, in Indonesia it is not an obligation to use the university boarding house when you study in that university.

Private boarding houses in Indonesia are all very unique and has different style that matched each students preferences. You can find the modern looking boarding house, luxurious boarding house, cute, cheap, unique kind of boarding house. But unlike university boarding houses you need to bring your own things such as, bed and bookshelves, desk and chair as they sometimes do not provides this things. However some boarding houses provides them. These boarding houses are all available in the area outside campus. There are names for these kind of boarding houses, in Indonesia it’s called “Kos” or ‘Kos-Kosan”, each has its own boarding house names. These “Kos” are private own by people, mostly Indonesian entrepreneur or businessman. Remember most of them are cheap~

5. Cheap Foods

What you need to know about daily eating life of Indonesian university students is that, they love cheap foods in the city. Not many would go to the campus cafeteria as most of the foods are usually pretty expensive. The students then would go to the city or the area outside of campus to buy foods that are cheaper. Indonesian favorite place to buy foods are Waroeng that sold rice with a variant of side dish from all kind of chicken, fish, and meat. There are a lot of cheap places to eat around the university, some of them are not far from campus so students can easily walk on food to go eat there. Indonesian culinary around campus are of course not only cheap but very delicious and variant so you wouldn’t wanna miss it~

6.  Places to Hang Out

The number one places to Hang out for Indonesian university students are Cafés. Not only hang out in general, but Students do lots of thing in the Café from group studying, organization meeting, casual chit-chat, enjoying the atmosphere to help them bust their energy to do their assignment and of course because they can enjoy tasty drink and snacks. Like other country, Indonesia has many beautiful and amazing Café near the university that you can’t help to explored and took a picture of it, some Café often gives discount if you are a university students. Some interesting facts about the Café near the university is that many of the bartender and the waiter are a University students themselves. So it is indeed a great place to hang out if you are a university student in Indonesia.

7. Things to Bring

Lastly, interesting fact you should know about University life in Indonesia is that, all the things students always bring and keep it in their bag when they want to go to campus. First thing first are a bag of books, reasons for that is many university in Indonesia doesn’t provides locker for their student as it not a common thing in Indonesian University unlike most university abroad. So, they needed to always bring the curriculum books whenever and some notes. Second are student’s ID card, as most university in Indonesia uses ID card if students want to go in or out the campus, mostly as a way to recognize their personal vehicle. Third is a coin change as students may never know when it is needed so it’s kinda important to always have them. Next is rain coat, Indonesia weather are kinda hard to predict, it may rain suddenly so most student will bring rain coat with them or umbrella just in case it is rains. 

That is all the interesting facts about University Life in Indonesia. If you want to study in Indonesia, you need to keep this facts in mind so you can easily adapt as a University student in Indonesia.

Thank you for reading~

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