Study Abroad in Indonesia

Study Abroad in Indonesia University. Want to study in University in Indonesia? Don’t know how or where you need to start? Don’t worry here are tips on how to study abroad to Indonesia’s Universities.

Indonesia is famous as a country that has various ethnic and rich on cultural heritage. But now, Indonesian it’s also a house of the most prestigious universities in the region of Asia. Many top universities in Indonesia is offering a vibrant study abroad for foreign student to experience.  If you want to study abroad with an affordable tuition fee and living cost, studying in Indonesia could be an ideal choice for you~

1. Through Scholarship

There are many international scholarships available that you could choose to study in Indonesia, most of the scholarship for foreign students are given by the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud), they offers various types of education to various Indonesian students as well as foreign students from several friendly countries. This scholarship covers education costs, research fees, book funding, graduation fees, living expenses, insurance, immigration requirements, including economy class airplane tickets to return to your home country. But there are a certain condition go get financial support in various aspects through Indonesian scholarship, that is those who receive a scholarship must be able to study in Indonesian with the duration of the study determined by the scholarship organizer.

Master Degree Scholarship To Indonesia for Foreigner

2. With Personal Fee

If you don’t get any scholarship because the competition to get scholarship in Indonesia has many competition and applicant like many country, it’s okay. No need to worry you still have a chance to study in University in Indonesia without any scholarship with your own personal fee.  However, it can be quite complicated as you have to arrange all of the requirement personally and you also need to know the fee or tuition that you are going to spend. The average of tuition fee for Universities in Indonesia is more or less begin from 9 million Rupiah per semester. But, keep in mind that the rate of the tuition fee depends on the faculty and university you are going to take in Indonesia.

3. Choose University with International Programs

Though this is not really necessary but for foreign students like you it is suggested you chose university in Indonesia that provides international programs. With International programs it will help you to adapt easily with your friends and surrounding when you study in Indonesia. Usually international program in many universities in Indonesia will instructed its students and lecturer to use English in the class, meaning to teach and learn in English. it means the teaching and learning activity in International programs uses the bilingual language, English and Indonesia but mostly English as they have many foreign students. As English is the international language this will make you comfortable and enjoy the lectures more, so then you can understand you curriculum better.

4. Join Bahasa Indonesia Course

If you don’t want to choose international programs it is totally okay, that means you really want to study in Indonesia university like their local student and that’s great. But then, you have an obligation to study Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian people language. This is become a necessary because even though some students may speak English not all of them can, and the most important is that Lecturer will deliver their material in Bahasa Indonesia as it is not International Programs , so if you want to understand the lectures you need to study Bahasa Indonesia maybe even before you actually go to Indonesia. 

You can study Bahasa Indonesia independently but that will not guarantee your understanding of Bahasa Indonesia, so it suggested for you to find and Join Bahasa Indonesia course. You can find Bahasa Indonesia course for foreigner in Indonesia of course but that would mean you have to travel to Indonesia beforehand to study Bahasa Indonesia for a certain time before you begin your study. But if it sounds too complicated and you have no time then, you can find and join Bahasa Indonesia online courses on the Internet. They will teach you Bahasa Indonesia whenever and wherever you are, more easy and quick way to learn Bahasa Indonesia.

5. Through Student Exchange Programs

For you who don’t want to take full time to study in Indonesia, you can join the student exchange for one semester in Indonesia Universities that has relation with you current university. Indonesia Universities has offered many exchange program for foreign students to study in Indonesia. You could start by searching some information about the student exchange program in your country. It is suggested for you to look them up through the offial website of University in Indonesia of your choice. Through student exchange program you usually going to live with local people of Indonesia in their home or the university’s boarding house. Student exchange will become a great experience for you as Indonesia has many great things to offers, this can also spark you interest to continue study in Indonesia.

6. Select the Right Major to Study

This one is very important to keep in mind. Indonesian Universities has many major to choose, but not all of them are suitable for foreign students. So choosing a major that you are going to take in University could be a difficult thing. But no need to worry, tips to pick the major for you, is that almost of the foreign students who study in Indonesia picked to study in the Art and Culture faculty based on their interest to learn Indonesia. A lot of them has also picked to study International Relations as it is related to International area. However, if you are not that type of students, there are of course thousands foreign students who study in the general major like medical, language, political and engineering. Just consider the amount of foreign student who studies in the major of that university then you would’t need to worry.

7. Ways to Apply the Admission to Universities in Indonesia

Ways to apply the admission to Indonesia’s university of your choice is first, by visiting their official website online, find their informations regarding student application or student exchange programs, then find their contact information like their university number or E-mail, this are useful if you have any questions regarding the university. When you the informations regarding student application, preferably foreign or international student application the you start by reading the information. Most Universities in Indonesia will have an online registration , so all you need to do is register on their portal, and fill out the online application forms and submit required documents. This online application will not always available all the time, so you need to check when the University will open its registration. The registration period for Universities in Indonesia usually fall within range of February to May. 

That is all the tips you need to know on how to study abroad to Indonesia’s Universities. Hope this information helps you, Good luck~