Cheapest Cigarette in Indonesia

Cheapest Cigarette in Indonesia. Do you Smoke? If you are smoker you would probably know that cigarette these days are pretty expensive, especially if you are a foreigner and you wanted to buy a cigarette in a foreign country. 

Not to worries they are still a lot of cheap cigarette in many countries, one of them being Indonesia. Indonesia is a country with the majority of the society are a heavy smoker so since cigarette is pretty much a daily need for smoker in Indonesia, people will of course buy the cheapest cigarette buy with a great quality. 

Now, in Indonesia you can find cigarette that only cost Rp.12.000, so it’s very cheap compare to most price cigarette which are Rp.20.000. Don’t worry those cheap cigarettes are proved to have a great quality and taste. So what are those cheap cigarette in Indonesia?

Check out these 5 cheapest cigarette in Indonesia, here!

1. Sampoerna Hijau Kretek 12 (Rp 12.400)

This cigarette tend to have a natural character and a hint of sweetness. When burned, the cigarette is thick with a very strong spicy taste with a blend of Sampoerna which is a mixture of Tobacco Virginia and Madura, but with a lower grade. It has a special liquorice-based sauce from Sampoerna, accompanied by a spicy sensation that tends to be strong and the spicy elements here include the possibility of using anise, a little cinnamon and cardamom which is a flavoring in this cigarette.

It has a hint of sweetness that tends to be minimal but can be felt carefully when compared to the strong spicy taste offered by this cigarette. In taste, this cigarette has a strong savory character, in the sense that thanks to the addition of typical spices Sampoerna is able to create the savory impression that has become the character of this cigarette. The taste of this cigarette is very nutty, mainly because one type of tobacco used in this cigarette is oriental type tobacco. Has a harshness that is very pronounced and in a very high intensity, in this case the harsh sensation offered by this cigarette is very pronounced, but tends to be enjoyed carefully. When removed from the nose, these cigarettes tend to be strong with a very sharp spicy aroma accompanied by a slight nutty sensation which is the main attraction of this cigarette.

Throat hit is quite felt in this cigarette, in the sense that this cigarette offers a slightly piercing sensation but still with the typical smooth character of clove cigarettes in general. Having a very strong aftertaste of the element of nutty even though in a fairly good intensity and the typical spicy sensation offered by this cigarette. Tend to slightly leave the impression of chemical at the end of the burnt, but the intensity is very, very low. The duration of this cigarette ranges from 15-16 minutes.

2. Gudang Garam Surya Pro Mild 16 (Rp 12.500)

This cigarette has a fairly spicy burnt prefix with the kick sensation typical of full flavor cigarettes. Has a berry based sauce but with low intensity. Made from local tobacco with a fragrant characteristics, a savory but not dominant sensation and more pleasure. The sweetness level of this cigarette is quite sweet. The aroma is arguably very earthy, and feels a blend of middle grade tobacco and clove typical of Gudang Garam.

The throat hit from this cigarette can be felt enough, accompanied by a sensation of harshness that is quite felt that blends the right level of softness. When released through the nose, this cigarette has a honey sensation with a blend of berries and is slightly fermented. With a shorter stem size, it can create a more intense taste while still leaving the smooth impression that you want to bring from this cigarette.

3. Sampoerna A Mild Merah 12 (Rp 12.500)

Before burning, this cigarette seems to offer a sweet sensation that is accompanied by the element of fruity that tends to be felt. But when burned, this cigarette seems to offer a very strong sweet sensation accompanied by a sensation of fruity that tends to be distinctive and spicy sensations that tend to be very pronounced. Fruity sensation here seems to be dominant using lychee essens as forming fruity sensation which tends to have a strong but neutral taste. It is possible that this cigarette has a little cocoa sensation. The sweet sensation offered by this cigarette tends to be very strong and intense.

The sweet character here also seems to appear due to the addition of inverted sugar, although the addition of inverted sugar here tends to help the sweet character that has become the default of this cigarette. Having a warming sensation that tends to be felt, this is due to the sensation of smooth cloves added to this cigarette. The character of a hint of sweetness also occurs because this cigarette uses liquorice as a constituent of the sweet sensation that exists in this cigarette, where liquorice is indeed the basis of Sampoerna’s cigarettes in general.

Blend on this cigarette tends to be earthy and balance. Harshness in cigarettes can be said to be felt a little, but in a very low intensity. Where these cigarettes tend to offer a taste sensation that tends to be very smooth. Throat hits on these cigarettes are practically non-existent, given that these cigarettes enter LTLN cigarettes which generally have almost no piercing sensation, meaning that these cigarettes tend to be very comfortable in the throat and do not cause sensations that tend to make the throat uncomfortable. The duration of burning from cigarettes is 10-11 minutes, in the sense that cigarettes tend to offer a quick burning sensation, but it is right for some people, especially office workers or college students. The aftertaste of these cigarettes is a strong tendency for a nutty sensation, accompanied by a sweet lychee sensation that tends to leave a good impression in the throat.

4. Diplomat Mild 16 (Rp 12.600)

The taste of this cigarette has an aromatic and spicy character which is quite smooth when starting the initial burnt. The intensity of the spicy is quite strong, in this case the sauce used is based liquorice combined with a bit of a very special fermented sensation. It has a smooth but aromatic scent in this case, enough to feel the nutty sensation typical of Oriental Tobacco that wants to be sold from cigarettes but still inherits softness from Virginia Tobacco. A little fruity with the lychee added to this cigarette sauce. The pull is very smooth, a little throat hit but sometimes tends to not exist. The blend is very smooth, the aroma is very soft, although not so strong but quite delicious in taste.

5. Gudang Garam Signature 12 (Rp 13.700)

Before burning, this cigarette seemed to offer a sensation of fruity that is not so strong. But after being burned this cigarette will offer a sensation of fruity which in this case is dominated by the taste of berries accompanied by a touch of jackfruit sensation that is quite strong. In this case, the fruity sensation offered is very strong, which in this case is combined with a very strong spicy sensation but in a better intensity.

The spicy flavor offered by these cigarettes tends to be dominated by the addition of anise and deafness, where in this case the cigarette seems to offer a sensation of spicy taste that tends to be felt. There is a sweet-fermented sensation, where in this case the cigarette seems to offer a taste sensation that tends to be fermented which is most likely to use essences rhum which is the main attraction of Gudang Garam cigarettes in general. The blends offered from this cigarette tend to be balance and earthy, in which case this cigarette use high-quality tobacco, but are dominated by the addition of Oriental Tobacco which has a nutty character that has become an attraction for clove cigarettes in general.

Has harshness that tends to be felt, but still smooth. The throat hit offered tends to be felt but in a low intensity and does not pierce the throat, where in this case the cigarette offers a sensation that tends to be more comfortable in the throat. The duration of this cigarette offered is around 14-15 minutes.

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