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10 reasons why you should study in Indonesia!

1. Education Quality

Indonesian University has climb up to the world university rankings and offering many high quality study programs. Many University in indonesia has entered QS regional rankings for Asia even the world ranking, such as University of Indonesia, University of Gadjah Mada, Binus University and many more. These University has proven to produces great number of student that succeeded building a career both inside and outside the country. Not only that you can find many still active university students of Indonesia considerable success on the international stage, from math competition, business competition to engineering competition. 

Indonesia Universities has also cooperate with many world-class universities that has help Indonesian Universities to bring more quality to its programs. Many foreign lecturer has become a visiting lecturer in lot of universities in Indonesia and other has expressed their interest to research and teach in Indonesia. Joint and double degree programmes between Indonesian universities and international universities are also available. This further proves that education in Indonesia is also a top quality. 

2. Rich Culture

If you are interested in diversity and culture, then study in Indonesia is a perfect place for you. Indonesia is famous for its rich culture, you can find yourself amazed by its  local culture.  Indonesia’s rich cultural makes it an ideal place to study with great atmosphere, you can also makes friend with many students from different ethnic in Indonesia, learn their unique culture and explore the amazing rich heritage that Indonesia has. Study in Indonesia can also fulfil you’re interest to explore the country, as Indonesia has many world-class amazing tourist attraction that you wouldn’t wanna miss it, in short Indonesia has many great places to hang out. So, what better country when you can get to study and witness many amazing tourist attraction than Indonesia~

3. International Courses

For foreign student, Indonesia universities has provides International courses that offer English as the language of instruction. These course are increasingly available for international students seeking to study in Indonesia. University of Indonesia, the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Binus University and many more university are examples of University that offers international courses in English, mainly for undergraduate programmes. There is also Masters programs that offered in English instruction. So you will not have trouble communicate and understanding things when you’re study in Indonesia as not only the lecturer but many students from Indonesia can speak English really well. 

4. Valuable Exposure

Study in Indonesia will offer you an exciting and dynamic market to broaden your horizons and prepare for a globalised world where Asia will play an increasingly important role. Indonesia, as the largest market in ASEAN and future top 10 global economy offers their international students a unique insight into Southeast Asian culture and business customs. It offers their students valuable exposure to a fast-emerging Asian powerhouse that offers localised challenges and building a great character for their students. Study in Indonesia can also help you to get international career with valuable knowledge and insights that you can bring to establishing your own business or if you want to work in Indonesia.

5. Cheap Living Cost 

Now, we find that this is one of the thing that student find it most important when they want to study abroad. Students prefers to find a good education abroad that also has cheap living expanse, So then if you want cheap then Indonesia in ideal place for you. Living in Indonesia is considerably quite cheap compare to many country, especially in Asia, you will find that for student living expanse in Indonesia is very affordable. Renting places, renting a vehicle, the cost for public transportation, shopping, hang out and most important food are mostly very affordable. Reasons for why living as a student in Indonesia is cheap is that most university student of Indonesia are all come from different island so they will then travelled to the city with higher education such as, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung to study. Most of those city then will be packed with many university students each year, so since the demand to live in the city become high, living expanse in that city will cost less. 

6. Delicious Indonesian Cuisines 

Foods are indeed Important~ Eating are a must also most students favorite pastime are eating with friends. If you study in Indonesia you will think that there is much food yet so little time! Indonesian cuisines are amazing, from the infamous Rendang, Soto, Bakso, Mie Ayam, to all the underrated yet very delicious food in all various flavours from spicy to sweet to salty, Indonesian authentic food has it all. All these food are of course only in Indonesia, so they are definitely worth the try. And don’t forget you can get this food with cheap prices. 

7. Get The Chance to Drive Your Own Motorcycle

In Indonesia, walking is a bit of a challenge due to busy street traffic most of the time. If you want to get anywhere, it is by taking a taxi or car or public transportation. The good thing about it is that for university student in the city transportation is amazingly cheap, especially if you use the Go-Jek, Indonesian online transportation. But the most exciting is that you can get a chance to drive your own motorcycle. Indonesia is a country that has the third largest motorcyclist population in the world, and since the traffic most of the time are jammed you can drive your own motorcycle because you probably will never get the chance to drive motorcycle in your country and renting a motorcycle in Indonesia also very affordable which beats paying public transportation. 

8. Friendly People

As a Muslim majority country, spirituality and religion feature throughout daily life and public discourse, including life on campus so you will find many of Indonesian student not only muslim but other religion to be very welcoming and easy to be friend with. You will find that Indonesian people are incredibly kind, welcoming, sincerely helpful and gratefull to their guest, you will be treated like an honored guest in Indonesia, as mannerism is very important for Indonesian. Everyone is so nice! Indonesians will make you feel like you’re home~ The lecturers in universities are also very nice and engaging to their students, also help encourage their students to voice out and asks questions.

9. Has Many International Students

Indonesia universities also has many international students from different country studying in their university. To date, Indonesia has about 6,000 international students studying in local universities. This could also help you, wider your connection as you may meet not only student from different ethnic of Indonesia but also students from around the world. The number of International students in Indonesia, has proven that many has expressed their interest to study in Indonesia. And you could be that person too~

10. Can Learn Bahasa Indonesia

The last thing you can get by studying in Indonesia is that, you can learn Bahasa Indonesia. A great why to added your knowledge of languages. Bahasa Indonesia can help you communicate better with Indonesian society, by being friend with a lot of Indonesia Student, you can get to learn Bahasa Indonesia a long the way. You will find Bahasa Indonesia as an interesting language, maybe it can be a bit hard to understand in a short of time but once you adapted to it, you will surely understand Bahasa Indonesia in not time. 

Hope this informations will help your decision making and get the amazing things Indonesia can offer you if you study in that country~

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