World Most Expensive Funeral. 

World Most Expensive Funeral. 

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Did you know that the most expensive funeral in the world is from Indonesia?

Yes! The world most expensive funeral is none other than Rambu Solo from Tana Toraja. As you may have heard Tana Toraja is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Province of South Sulawesi with its unique and different culture. One of their unique and well-know culture is their ceremony of death or funerals. 

Tana Toraja has many kind of cultural funeral but the famous one are “Rambu Solo”. As a part of Tana Toraja cultural heritage Rambu Solo does not look like any funeral in general. It Costs not millions or hundred millions, but to billions to trillions, making it the world’s most expensive funeral.

The reason for it being an expensive funeral is that, there many requirements need to be fulfilled by the family of the deceased, such as 24 to 100 sacrificial animals , decorating the coffin inside-out with various jewelry trinkets, gold or silver robe and lots of money. 

Thus it is not come as a surprise that Rambu Solo become the world’s most expensive funeral.