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Hasyim Asyari, Founder of The Largest Islamic Organization in Indonesia

Hasyim Asyari. Indonesia is a Country that has the largest Muslim Community in the world, Islam is the major religion in Indonesia. Being the major religion, we can find lot of islamic organization in Indonesia, one of them is Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). NU is the largest islamic organization  in Indonesia, the founder of the organization is none other than Hasyim Asy’ari.

Let’s get to know Indonesia’s National Figure!

  1. Biography

Hasyim Asy’ari, whose full name is Muhammad Hasyim, was born in the village of Gedang, Jombang, East Java, on February 14, 1871. Born as the third son of ten siblings from a Family with strong Islamic bond. Hasyim’s father, Kiai Asy’ari is the founder of Keras Pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) in Jombang. While his great-grandfather, Kiai Sihah, is the founder of Tambak Beras Rice and his grandfather, Kiai Usman, founder of Gedang Islamic Boarding School.

At the age of twenty, he married Khadijah, daughter of Pesantren Siwalan Panji leader. One year later, they went to Mekah. After seven months, his wife passed away and also his son, Abdullah two months later. He married seven times and all of his wives were daughters of ulama.

In 1899, he founded Pesantren Tebuireng, which later became the largest Pesantren (Islamic Boarding school) in Java in the early 20th century. The pesantren also became the center for the reform of traditional Islamic teaching. On January 31, 1926 he and several traditional Islamic leaders founded Nahdlatul Ulama also known as Awakening of Ulamas. During the Japanese occupation era, he was arrested, several months later he was released and became the Head of Indonesia’s Religious Affairs. 

  1. Education

Hasyim had mastered the classical Islamic books when he was only 13 years old. Then since the age of 15 years, he has been studying in various pesantren, including Wonokoyo Pesantren in Probolinggo, Langitan Pesantren in Tuban, Trenggilis Pesantren in Semarang, Kademangan Pesantren in Bangkalan and Siwalan Pesantren in Sidoarjo. In 1892, Hasyim Asy’ari went to study in Mecca. Hasyim Asy’ari also studied Syafi’i school of law jurisprudence under the care of Shaykh Ahmad Katib from Minangkabau who was also an expert in astronomy (astronomy), mathematics (reckoning), and algebra.

Hasyim through his history has studied with Sheikh Ahmad Khatib Al-Minangkabau. However, Sheikh Mahfudh At-Tarmisi became a figure who influenced Hasyim’s way of thinking. Also from Mahfudh, Hasyim obtained a diploma from the Qadariah and Naqsabandiah degrees. Hasyim then began to wander to several Islamic boarding schools to deepen religious knowledge. Among Wonocolo Jombang Islamic Boarding School, Probolinggo Islamic Boarding School, Langitan Islamic Boarding School, Tranggilis Islamic Boarding School, and studied with Kiai Kholil in Bangkalan, Madura.

  1. Influences

 Hasyim Asy’ari was a scholar who did not want to submit to the colonizers, whether they were Dutch or Japanese. But, as soon as the colonial opportunity arose, he immediately called on the people to revive religion and ukhuwah. This is one of the typical Hasyim’s politics and has influences many people and event. Thus he become one of Indonesia’s great figure of patriotism and nationalism. 

He and other scholars were the pioneers of the Jihad Resolution on October 22, 1945.The resolution was based on Hasyim’s fatwa related to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which was judged to be lawfully valid. Thus, the resolution called on Muslims for jihad to maintain independence by ousting allied and Dutch troops who were trying to re-colonize Indonesia.

In the political field, Hasyim has never been tempted to practice politics. He always delegates practical politics to his son. He only engages in political affairs if there is an emergency situation that threatens national sovereignty and the freedom of the people to practice religious teachings.
The rest, Hasyim returned to the pesantren to devote his life to education, da’wah, and community empowerment. Even so Hasyim never forbade other kiai and his students from politics.

  1. The Death of Hasyim Asy’ari

On the 7th of Ramadhan 1366 AD at 9 pm, after leading the Tarawih Prayer, a usual, Hasyim sat on a chair to give recitation to Muslim mothers. then, Kiai Ghufron reported the situation that Dutch troops were winning a battle in Malang and the conditions of the warriors who were increasingly cornered, as well as civilian casualties that were  increasing. Hearing the report, Kiai Hasyim were so shocked that he held his head in a sign of headache and interpreted by Kiai Ghufron that he was sleepy. But not long after, Kiai Ghufron realized that Kiai Hasiyim was unconscious.

So hurriedly, he called his family and doctor. it is known that Kiai Hasyim has a brain hemorrhage and hypertension. Although the doctor has tried to reduce his illness, sadly Hasyim Asy’ari died at 3:00 a.m., July 25, 1947, to coincide with the Date 07 Ramadhan 1366 H.

Hasyim till these day was a great figure to Indonesia muslim community, through all his live work he has made many great things and influences many people. A great father figure and leader to all.

” Don’t  make dissent a cause of division and animosity. Because this is a big crime that can tear down community buildings, and close the door to goodness in any direction.”

– Hasyim Asy’ari

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