Date and Time in Bahasa

Date and Time in Bahasa Indonesia. You can practice indonesian by asking the time and date in Indonesia. It’s easy to learn.

Here are ways to give date and time in Bahasa Indonesia. Selamat belajar!

  • Add noun before time maker

In the latter, before the time marker, you must add a noun to specify what the marker is about.

For example: Hari kamis = Thursday

  • Time

You must put Jam before the specific numeric.

For example: Jam + Numeric =  Jam 3 = 3 o’clock

  • Day

You must put hari before the day.

For example: Hari sabtu = Saturday.

  • Month

You must put bulan before the name of moth.

For example: Bulan Juli = July.

  • Year

You must put tahun before the name of the year.

For example: Tahun + 2019 = 2019.

Don’t forget the keep notes~ Happy Learning~

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