We are now going to learn how to politely refuse someone or something or how to say “NO” in Bahasa Indonesia.

There are many ways to say “NO” in Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Bukan & Tidak. It means No. This two words are usually used in a more formal speech. You use “Bukan” after a noun, while “Tidak” is use after adjective words 

Example: Saya bukan orang Inggris = I’m not British. / Saya tidak ingin makan = I don’t want to eat.

  • Enggak. It means No. But more into an informal speech.

Example: Aku Enggak mau ke hotel = I don’t want to go to hotel.

  • Jangan. It means No for negative order. You can use it to order someone not to do something.

Example: Jangan lakukan itu = Don’t do that

  • Belum. It means Not yet. This is a form a No that you use with a verbs

Example: Aku belum ingin membeli kacamata itu = I have not yet buy the eyeglasses.

  • Kurang. It means less, but it can also mean don’t really like in English when you combined with adjective words, to explain something you don’t really like. You can use as a polite reasons why you refuse something.

Example: Aku kurang suka makanan ini = I don’t really like this food.

Thank you for reading~ Happy Learning~ 

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