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Learn Indonesian Conversation about Daily Activity

Indonesian conversation about daily activity. This time, you will learn about daily activity in Indonesia. Daily Activity / Activities are activities carried out daily by someone, from waking up in the morning to going back to sleep at night. Indonesian is a country that its daily activities are usually very variant, people there have all kind of job and there are many outdoor activity you can do Indonesia, so it is pretty interesting. You might be interested enough to ask about someone’s daily activity in real life, for example someone who’s already had a job, like the different between daily life of a worker in Indonesia and your country.

If you want to try having a conversation with the people about their daily activity in Bahasa Indonesia, then you can start by learning some basic example of Bahasa Indonesia conversations about daily activity.

Here is the example of Indonesian conversation about daily activty.

Nadin              : Hi James. / Hi James.

 James              : Hi Nadin. Kamu mau ke mana? / Hi Nadin. Where are you going?

Nadin              : Aku mau berkerja. Setiap hari aku berkerja sebagai tour guide. Apa yang kau lakukan setiap hari James? / I want to go to work. Everyday I work as tour guide. What you do everyday James?

James               : Wah menyenangkan sekali. Aku pergi ke kampus hari ini. Setiap senin sampai jumat aku belajar bahasa Indonesia di kampus. / Woah it looks fun. I want to go to campus today. Every Monday until firday I learn Bahasa Indonesia in campus.

Nadin              : Kamu bangun pukul berapa James? / Whats time do you wake up James?

James               : Aku bangun pukul 06.00 setiap hari. Aku pergi ke kampus jam 8. / I wake up at 6 am every day. I go to campus at 8 am.

Nadin              : Wah kamu disiplin sekali. Apakah kamu sudah sarapan? / You are so discipline. Have you breakfast?

James               : Sudah Nadin. Aku selalu sarapan pukul 7. Aku tidak pernah melewatkan sarapan. Jam berapa kamu pulang kerja? / I have. I always have breakfast at 7 am. I never skip my breakfast. What time do you back from work?

Nadin              : Bagus James. Tidak menentu James, kadang sore kadang malam jam 8. / Good James. It’s unpredictable. Sometimes it is in evening but sometimes in the night at 8 pm.

James               : Kalau begitu jam berapa kamu tidur setiap hari? / What time do you sleep everyday?

Nadin              : Aku tidur jam 10 setiap hari kecuali hari sabtu dan minggu. / I sleep at 10 am except Saturday and Monday.

James               : Oh begitu, kemana kamu akan pergi akhir pecan ini? / Alright. Where are you going this weekend?

Nadin              : Aku akan mengantarkan tamu ke Borobudur. Kalau kamu? / I am going to guide my guest to Borobudur temple. What’s about you?

James               : Setiap sabtu dan minggu pagi, aku berlatih taekwondo. / Every moning at Saturday and Monday I practice taekwondo.

Nadin              : Keren sekali James. Baiklah aku mau pergi. Sampai jumpa. / It’s very cool Alright I want to go. See you.

James               : Sampai jumpa Nadin! Hati-hati. / See you Nadin! Be careful.

Don’t forget to keep notes of some of these vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia. 

Vocabulary List

Setiap hari Everyday
Hari Day
Bangun Get up/wake up
Menonton Watch
Berkerja Work
Mandi Take a bath
Makan Eat
Sarapan Have breakfast
Makan malam Have dinner
Sleep Tidur

Thank you for reading~ Happy Learning~

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