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Learn Indonesian Conversation at Home

Indonesian conversation at home. This time, you will learn about Indonesian conversation at home. In a situation when you are a guest and will be staying in someone else house for your travel in Indonesia. You will be having a conversation with the owner of the house as a way to be polite and makes a good first impression. In certain neighbourhood in Indonesia not all the native people can speak foreign languages or English, most of them can only speak Bahasa Indonesia. That’s is why, here I will give an example of a conversation at Home in Bahasa Indonesia. 

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Here is the example of Indonesian conversation at home.

Michael           : Selamat pagi. Permisi. / Good morning. Excuse me.

Ibu Ratri          : Selamat pagi Micheal. Bagimana kabarmu hari ini? / Good morning Michael. How are you today?

Michael           : Baik bu. Ibu apa kabar? / Great ma’am. How are you?

Ibu Ratri          : Saya baik Michael. Silahkan masuk. / I’m good Michael. Please come ini.

Michael           : Rumah ibu besar sekali. / Your house is really big ma’am.

Ibu Ratri          : Iya ini ruang tamu saya, kami suka menonton TV di sini. silahkan berkeliling. / Yes, this is our living room, we like to watch TV here. Go ahead and take a look around.

Michael           : Baik bu. / Alright mam.

Ibu Ratri          : Kamu akan tinggal di kamar yang disana. Di rumah ini ada 6 kamar. / You’ll stay in that room. There are 6 rooms in this house.

Michael           : Banyak sekali bu. / So many ma’am.

Ibu Ratri          : 3 kamar anak-anak, 1 kamar saya dan 2 kamar tamu. / 3 bedrooms for kids, 1 my room and 2 for the guest.

Michael           : Di belakang rumah ada apa bu? / What’s in the backyard of the house ma’a,?

Ibu Ratri          : Ada kebun di belakang. Di samping ada garasi. / There is garden in the backyard. In the side of the house, there is garage.

Michael           : Oh begitu. Keren sekali bu. / Oh I see. that very cool ma’am.

Ibu Ratri          : Terima kasih Michael. / Thank you Micheal.

The above conversation is an example of a very polite way to speak with the people inside their home. Manner and be polite is very important when you visits foreign’s home. And to help you understand it more, here are the vocabulary list that usually used at home.~

Vocabulary List

Ruang tamu Living room
Dapur Kitchen
Kamar Room
Besar Big
Kecil Small
Kebun Garden
Kamar mandi Bathroom
Kamar tidur Bedroom
Teras Terrace
Balkon Balcony
Rumah House/home

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