Indonesian conversation at library. Are you a scholar and currently having an exchange program in Indonesia? then you probably going to have a lot of task and discussion with you schoolmates, of course one of the place Indonesian students like to go to work their task is libraries. Or you are tourist and likes to explore Indonesian literature then library is also the perfect place you can find a lot of indonesian books. 

If you are interested to visits Indonesia Libraries, then this time, we will teach you an example of having a conversation inside a library.  Let’s begin the lesson~

Here is the example of Indonesian conversation at library.

Paulina                        : Selamat pagi ibu. / Good morning ma’am.

Library officer : Selamat pagi. Ada yang bisa dibantu? / Good morning. Can I help you with something?

Paulina                        : Saya ingin mengejarkan tugas kelompok bersama teman saya di perpustakaan. Dimana ya bu baiknya? / I want to do some task with my friends in the library. Where is the suitable place ma’am?

Library officer : Kamu bisa mengerjakannya di ruang diskusi agar tidak menggangu kenyamanan yang lain. Disebelah sana. / You can do it on the discussion room so you will not disturb others. It’s in there.

Paulina                        : Baik bu. Saya juga ingin mencari buku. Buku dengan kode 101 dimana ya bu? / Okay mam. I want to look for a book too. Where is the book with 101 code ma’am?

Library officer: Di sebelah kiri perpustakaan. Kalau kamu mau meminjam buku silahkan nanti menggunakan Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa. / It’s on the left side of the library. If you want to borrow books, you can use your students ID card.

Paulina                        : Baik bu. / Alright, ma’am.

Library officer: Sebelumnya kamu daftar terlebih dahulu. Setelah itu kamu letakan tasmu di loker. / You need to register first. Then after that you put your bag on the locker.

Paulina                        : baik bu. Terima kasih banyak. / yes ma’am. Thank you very much.

Library officer: Jangan lupa untuk mengembalikan buku tepat waktu ya. Jika kamu terlambat, kamu akan dikenakan denda. / Don’t forget to return the book on time. If you are late, you will have to pay a fine.

Paulina                        : Baik bu. / Alright ma’am.

Library Officer: Selamat membaca. Selamat belajar/ Happy reading! Happy studying!

To help you understand the conversation more, here is Vocabulary list with words in Bahasa Indonesia that usually spoken when you’re inside library. 

Vocabulary List

Tugas Task
Ruang diskusi Discussion room
Buku Book
Kode buku Book code
Pinjam Borrow
Kartu Tanda Mahasiswa Student card
Daftar Register
Put Letakan
Loker Locker
Denda Fine
Koleksi Collection
Diam Silent
Referensi Reference
Mengembalikan Return
Membaca Read
Terlambat Late

Thank you and Happy learning~

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