Indonesian conversation on the street

Indonesian conversation on the street. This time you will learn about conversation on the street. A lot of things can happen when you in the street of Indonesia, like asking for a direction as you were confuse on your way. The majority of Indonesia people don’t know or even speak english so it’s preferable to know some basic conversation in Bahasa Indonesia if you are in the street and needed to ask a direction with some people around.

Here is an example of Bahasa Indonesia conversation on the street.

Laura   : Permisi pak, apakah ada pusat informasi turis di sini? / Excuse me sir, is there any tourist information center here?

Ojol     : Iya ada. Di samping kantor pos sana/ Yes, there is. It’s beside the post office there.

Laura   : Terima kasih pak. / Thank you sir.

Ojol     : Sama-sama. Kamu sudah tinggal berapa lama disini? / You’re welcome. How long have you stay here?

Laura   : Saya di sini sudah 3 hari. / I have been here for 3 days.

Ojol     : Oh begitu. Kamu tinggal dimana? / Alright. Where do you stay?

Laura   : Saya tinggal di penginapan dekat sini. / I stay in a homestay near here.

Ojol     : Kamu berasal dari mana? / Where did you from?

Laura   : Saya berasal dari Amerika. / I came from USA.

Ojol     : Baik lah. / Okay.

Laura   : Saya pergi dulu ya pak. Senang bertemu dengan anda/ I will go now sir. it’s nice to meet you

Ojol     : Terima kasih, hati- hati / Thank you, be careful.

Here are all the vocabulary used in the conversations above to help you learn more Bahasa Indonesia.

Vocabulary List

Kiri Left
Kanan Right
Depan In front of
Samping Beside/next
Belakang Back
Kantor pos Post Office
Toko buku Book store
Pasar tradisional Traditional market
Tinggal Stay
Rumah House
Hati-hati Be careful
Rampu merah Red light
Jauh Far
Dekat Near

Don’t forget even if at the street you need to always be polite when starting a conversation with Indonesia native people. Good manner will return a good respond from the people.

Thank You~