Indonesian Future Tense. This time, you will learn about future tense in Bahasa Indonesia. Future tense is used to make a prediction, promises and set up meeting. You can still use this form even you are not sure about something.

There are two ways to use future tense in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s begin the lesson! Selamat belajar!

  • Formal Tense

Mostly people use the word ‘akan’ and ‘hendak’ in formal form. ‘Akan’ is translated as will or going to. It depends on the context.’Hendak’ is more similar to the ‘to be + going to’.

For example:

Saya akan segera membeli baju itu =I am going to buy that shirt.

Saya hendak memasak soto sore ini = I am going to cook soto this afternoon.

  • Informal Forms

In informal form (oral conversation), people use ‘mau’  as the auxiliary verbs. It means ‘want’ although it could possibly means ‘to be + going to’.

For example:

Saya mau ke Jakarta = I want to go to Jakarta.

Mereke mau bermain bola = They want to play football.

If you are not really sure, you could add the word ‘kayaknya’, ‘sepertinya’, ‘mungkin’, ‘bisa jadi’, ‘paling’. Those words mean ‘possibly’, or ‘maybe’. But, if you are very sure you add the word ‘pasti’.

For example:

Dia mungkin tidak akan datang besok = He possibly won’t come tomorrow.

Dia sepertinya sedang bersedih = She possibly sad now.

Sepertinya hari akan hujan = Maybe it will be rain.

Paling mereka akan segera datang = They will come later.

Don’t forget to keep notes~ Happy Learning~

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