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“Mudik Lebaran”, History and Facts of Indonesia Famous Holiday Tradition

Have you ever heard of Indonesian Holiday “Lebaran’? or Eid Mubarak?

Lebaran is one of the most important celebration holiday in Indonesia for Muslim . Each year, after fasting month on the day of Lebaran, all Muslims in Indonesia would exchange greetings and celebrate with their family.

While “Mudik” is a tradition of Indonesian people do before Lebaran. The term “Mudik” means Hometown or Village. Indonesian people will travel back home to their origin town to meet their family and celebrate Lebaran together.

1.   Origin

In the past, Mudik and Lebaran had no connection with each other. Mudik was first known in the ancient Majapahit era. It was originally a primordial tradition originating from the Javanese farming community. Farmers would migrated back to their hometown to pilgrimages and clean the graves of their ancestors. From these primordial traditions, slowly the Mudik culture began to develop along the times. Then, with the growing trend of urbanization to big cities, the term Mudik began to be used to describe going back home on Holiday. 

It start to become Indonesian tradition in 1970. At that time Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia became the only city in Indonesia that experienced rapid development, many villagers came to Jakarta to look for work and change their fortune. And for those who have already gotten a job, they will get a long holiday that usually falls on major holidays such as Lebaran. And since then Mudik Lebaran has become Indonesia tradition.

 2.  Characteristics

Interesting fact about Mudik Lebaran of Indonesia, is that it has become homecoming traditions in Indonesia that are considered to have special characteristics compared to other countries that also have similar traditions such as China during Chinese New Year and the United States in Christmas day.

People will travel together mostly at the same period that all the Highway in the Indonesia will be crowded and jammed by many transportation, from private motorcycle, car to public transportations. Even Terminal and Airport will be packed by people. Because of it, on this time period all the news in television would often air the conditions of the ongoing Mudik that were happening. 

Most of the Times, Mudik can become a very dangerous situations as the people can turns very wild in the road, and accident may happen if they were not careful, so on this period of this it is better to avoid the main road outside the city or you will be stuck in a long traffic jam. 

3.  Transportation Trend

There are transportation trends used for Mudik Lebaran, which are dominated by private vehicles, especially motorcycles. Usually the will be around 23 million people Mudik each year, most of them are using motorcycle, less for using a car.

For public transportations, people usually will chose Trains. Because nowadays Train’s facilities and services are getting better and better. Then the second public transportation choice is to use the bus. cheaper and easier to reach. Especially at this time of Mudik Lebaran the price would likely cost less.

This is it “Mudik Lebaran” from Indonesia, they have such an interesting history and characteristic right? so if you went to Indonesia in the of fasting month and nearing Lebaran day, you would probably going to witness so many vehicles traveling inside and outside the city for Mudik Lebaran.

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