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Soedirman, The Great General and First Commander of Indonesia

General Soedirman. Indonesia has one of the best war generals in history. He is General Soedirman or Jenderal Sudirman, he was the right hand of the Indonesia first President in the fight to save Indonesia from the Netherlands who want to return to colonize assisted by allied troops. General Soedirman fought tooth and nail to make Indonesia continue to be independent and internationally recognized.

Let’s get to know Indonesia National Figura, General Soedirman!

1. Biography

Jendral Sudirman was born in Purbalingga, Central Java on January 24, 1916 as Raden Soedirman. He came from a modest family. His father is a worker at the Kalibagor Banyumas sugar factory and his mother is a descendant of Wedana Rembang. Sudirman was raised by a camat after being adopted from his mother’s father, who was actually his own uncle Raden Cokrosunaryo. Sudirman’s father and mother gave up his child to be adopted for the sake of his future because his uncle was more established. Jendral Soedirman is one of the many Heroes of the Indonesian National Revolution. 

In the history of the struggle of the Republic of Indonesia, he was the first and youngest Commander and General of the Republic of Indonesia. At the relatively young age of 31 years, Jenderal Soedirman has become a general. Not only that, he is also known as a fierce and steadfast fighter in holding principles. Although in fact he was suffering from a severe lung disease (TB), Jenderal Soedirman continued to struggle and guerrilla with his soldiers to fight the Dutch army during the Second Military Aggression.

2. Education

As an adopted child from a subdistrict head, Soedirman received a proper education early on. At the age of seven, a Soedirman was admitted to the HIS (Hollandsch Indlandsche School) or an indigenous school, and moved to Taman Siswa in the seventh year.The following year he moved to the Wirotomo School, because Taman Siswa were considered illegal by the Dutch government.

During his education there, General Sudirman was active in the organization of the Scouting organization Hizbul Wathan. He then devoted himself to being a Muhammadiyah HIS teacher, Cilacap and a guide at the Hizbul Wathan Scout organization.

3. Influences

In 1944, Soedirman served as chairman of the board of residencies formed by the Japanese. This is how Sudirman started entering the military, because he was asked to join the PETA army formed by Japan.

After becoming a member of PETA (homeland defender) in Bogor, upon graduating from his education, Soedirman immediately became the commander of the Kroya battalion. Then he became Commander of Division V / Banyumas after the TKR was formed. Finally, he was chosen as the first and youngest Commander of the Republic of Indonesia Military warforce (TNI Commander). His journey in the military world was fairly smooth due to his ability to lead the troops. Soedirman is also a war hero of independence who prioritizes the interests of the state over his personal interests.

When the second Dutch Military Aggression, Seeing the chaotic situation, Jenderal Sudirman could not remain silent, his impulse said to take the fight given his responsibility as an army leader. He was forced to disobey First President of Indonesia Soekarno’s order, who had previously advocated him to rest in the city.

With a stretcher, Jenderal Soedirman left to lead the troops to conduct guerrilla warfare. For approximately seven months he moved from mountain to mountain, forest to another forest because of the Dutch pursuit. And what makes it even more sad is that he was seriously ill and weak with no medicine to help at the time. But to his troops always gave him encouragement and guidance as if he himself did not feel the disease. Nevertheless he finally had to return from the guerrilla field, because he could no longer lead the Army directly. Although Jendral Soedirman could not directly lead his troops, his thoughts were still needed.

4. The Death of Jenderal Soedirman

Jendral Sudirman died on January 29, 1950 due to severe tuberculosis which he suffered. His body was buried in the Kusuma Negara Heroes Cemetery in Semaki, Yogyakarta. General Sudirman died  His funeral was carried out at the Yogyakarta Semaki Pahlawan Eating Park, accompanied by a convoy of four tanks and 80 motorized vehicles. Jendral Soedirman was then named the Hero of Defense for Indonesia Independence. In 1997 he was awarded the title of Great General Posthumously with five stars, a rank that has only been owned by three people in Indonesia until now.

Jendral Soedirman, has many greatly influences others around him and even has a big influence on Indonesia’s independence. He is the source of inspiration for young people for the advancement of the Indonesian people.

“The independence of a country, which was founded on a pile of ruins of thousands of souls and property of its people and nation, cannot be eliminated by any human being.”

– Jenderal Soedirman

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