Evens Happening In Bahasa Indonesia. In Indonesia people use “sedang” and “lagi” to make a sense about present continuous.

Here are the ways to make present continuous sentence in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s begin to learn.

  • Lagi

It is used in informal conversation. before the verb. Generally describes the happening event in short action.

For example: Aku lagi makan saat ini = I’m eating now.

Dia lagi mengajardi kelas 10 = She is teaching in 10th grade.

Mereka lagi bermain bola = They are playing football.

  • Sedang

It’s used mostly in formal way. It is also placed before the verb. It can be used for short and long actions.

For example: Aku sedang suka dia = I’m falling in love with her.

Aryo sedang memikirkan sesuatu = Aryo is thinking something.

Mereka sedang bernyanyi di lomba nyanyi = They are singing in the contest.

These are the examples of how make a sentence using “lagi” and “sedang”

Menulis Aku lagi menulis Aku sedang menulis I’m Writing
Membaca Aku lagi membaca Aku sedang membaca I’m eading
Melukis Dia lagi melukis Dia sedang melukis He is painting
Memasak Ibu lagi memasak Ibu sedang memasak Mother is cooking
Memancing Ayah lagi memancing Ayah sedang memancing Father is fishing
Berkerja Dia lagi berkerja Dia sedang berkerja She is working
Bermain Aku lagi bermain PS Aku sedang bermain PS I’m playing PS
Bermimpi Aku lagi bermimpi Aku sedang bermimpi I’m dreaming
Bernafas Aku lagi bernafas Aku sedang bernafas I’m breathing

Don’t Forget to keep notes~ Happy Learning~

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