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Talking About Past Event in Bahasa Indonesia

Past Event in Bahasa Indonesia. You can talk about your experience with local event. They would like to listen to the conversation. There is no past tense in Indonesia. People use time maker to explain the past event.

Here are some time makers in Bahasa Indonesia:

  • Kemarin. It means yesterday or before yesterday.

Example: Kemarin, saya beli buah di pasar = Yesterday I bought fruit in the market.

  • Dulu. It means before or used to.

Example: Dulu, saya tinggal di German = I used to live in German.

  • Telah/Sudah/Baru. It means already or just.

Example: Saya sudah makan/saya baru makan/saya telah makan = I have just eaten.

  • Tadi. It means just before.

Example: Tadi, saya nonton tv = Just before, I just watched tv.

  • Pernah. It means once or ever.

Example: Aku pernah bertemu dia = I  ever met her.

  • Yang lalu. It means ago.

Example: Saya jalan-jalan ke Bali 3 tahun yang lalu = I traveled to Bali 3 years ago.

You can practice it to share your experience in your country to Indonesian people. Selamat mencoba!


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