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Top 5 Operator Celuler With The Fastest Internet Connection in Indonesia

Operator Celuler in indonesia. Cellphone users have increased, including in Indonesia. Competition among mobile operators providing internet services in Indonesia is increasingly fierce, they are competing with each other to provide the best deals for their users. So, Which is the fastest cellular operator in Indonesia?

Obtained from OpenSignal.com data which has conducted its research it was then resulted there a top on 5 cellular operators In Indonesia that have the best performance as cellular operators.

The top 5 operator seluler In Indonesia are:

1. Telkomsel

2. Indosat Ooredoo

3. XL Axiata

4. Smartfren

5. Hutchinson Tri (3)

That list can be proven by the performance data by OpenSignal.com.

· Download Speed

Telkomsel became the winner of the five indisputable mobile operators for the Speed Download experience in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the speed of all its competitors rose by at least 1 Mbps. XL ranks second with a user experience speed of only 2.4 Mbps slower than Telkomsel, while the Experience Download Speed Experience score of 5.2 Mbps is behind Telkomsel with a difference of more than 4 Mbps. The speed experienced by Smartfren and Indosat users is less than half of Telkomsel in the results.

· Upload Speed

Telkomsel also won the Opensignal Upload Speed Experience award with users getting an average upload speed of 3.7 Mbps, even though the operator is competing with its rival, XL, which scores slightly lower at 3.4 Mbps, followed by 3 with a score of 3.1 Mbps.

Looking at 4G upload speeds individually, Telkomsel’s score of 5.4 Mbps is a decrease of more than 1 Mbps in the last six months. On the other hand, Indosat, Smartfren and XL recorded an increase in their 4G Upload Speed of at least 0.5 Mbps in the same time period, and now we see that XL and 3 are increasingly pursuing Telkomsel, not only in 4G Upload Speed, but also in Overall Uploading Experience.

· Latency Experience

The Latency Experience Award was also won by Telkomsel. The overall network response time of 52.1 milliseconds is the best time experienced by our users in Indonesia. We see a considerable gap between the best scores and other operators. While 3 came in second in this category with a score of 63.1md, users experienced the highest latency (81.6md) on the Indosat network – a difference of 29.5ms from the winner of this award.

Latency is a metric that is often overlooked because the benefits of low latency connections are less noticeable compared to speed or wide availability. But latency affects the customer’s cellular experience in many ways in a subtle way. Lower latency means less lag (lag) in online calls or chat sessions; therefore, a better Latency Experience will result in an enhanced cellular customer experience in the most popular services on mobile today.