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Introduce Your Family in Bahasa Indonesia

Introduce family Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesian people like to socialize with everyone including the foreigners. They will ask anything. They ask for getting information and conversation. If you get good conversation with the people, you will be memorized by them.

So let’s learn to introduce your family. You can practice it when you communicate with local people.

Here are the ways to introduce your family:

  • Introduce your name

Example: Nama saya Argi = My name is Argi.

  • Mention how many member of your family. It could be small or big family.

Example: Saya punya kelaurga besar. Saya hidup bersama 6 orang. Saya punya 2 kakak laki-laki, 2 adik perempuan dan kedua orangtua saya = I have a big family. I live with 6 people. I have 2 older brothers, 2 younger sisters and my parents.

  • Mention the name of your family member

Example: Nama kakak laki-laki saya Roman. Nama saudara perempuan saya Lauren = My older brother is Roman. My sister is Lauren.

  • Mention your position in the family

Example: Saya anak pertama dalam keluarga saya = I am the first child in my family.

  • Mention the habit of your family

Example: Keluarga saya selalu pergi camping setiap liburan = My family always go to camp every holiday.

Here some vocabularies about family

Ayah Father
Ibu Mother
Saudara laki-laki Brother
Saudara perempuan Sister
Orangtua Parents
Kakek Grandfather
Nenek Grandmother
Paman Uncle
Bibi Aunt
Sepupu Cousin
Keponakan laki-laki Nephew
Keponakan Perempuan Niece
Saudara Sibling
Anak pertaman/anak sulung First child/the oldest child
Anak bungsu Youngest child
Cucu Grandson/granddaughter
Anak Child
Suami Husband
Istri Wife
Ipar Brother-in-law/sister-in-law

Now it’s time to you to practice introducing your family. Selamat belajar!